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RenoNix the world first-class technology

We Sincerely Would like to express our deep gratitude for the opportunity to introduce RenoNix Co., Ltd

RenoNix was established in November, 2010 steadily promoting diversification and domestic production of many parts supplied for semiconductor devices while the parts going into PVD/CVD/Etch process are being exported to many countries such as Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, America and Europe throughout the world for the main product.

We will become the best company which the semiconductor and LED refurbishment as well as a key parts supplier of semiconductor and LED devices as a result of the customer satisfaction.

We always appreciate our customer’s support, encouragement and understanding advice and hereby promise to supply better service, better quality parts and equipment with semiconductor and LED process.

RenoNix is special company for used equipment refurbishment and parts sourcing for customer satisfaction.

Thank you.


Frank Kim